2023 Annual Business Meeting

Monday, March 13, 2023

3:00 – 4:00 PM CDT
Rivergate Room
Morial Convention Center, New Orleans

  1. Call to Order  (Dr. John Hart)
  2. Approval of Minutes from 2022 Business Meeting (Dr. John Hart)
  3. Report of the President (Dr. John Hart)
  4. Report of the Executive Vice President & CEO (Patrick Flaherty)
  5. Committee Reports:
      1. Education (Dr. Rhonda Yantiss)
      2. Finance: (Dr. Eyas Hattab)
      3. Foundation (Dr. Henry Tazelaar)
      4. Membership (Dr. Kristie White)
      5. Nominating (Dr. Laura Lamps)
      6. Publications (Dr. Alexander Lazar)
  6. Report of the IAP (Dr. Ray McMahon)
  7. Presentation of Medal to past-President (Dr. John Hart)
  8. Installation of the New President and Presentation of Engraved Gavel to Dr. Adeboye Osunkoya  (Dr. John Hart)
  9. Adjournment (Dr. John Hart)

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